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Film Time

4 mins 16 sec


Production Time

From an idea to finished film, 6 month


Film by Ying Wang
Music by Dominic Friston

Story by Ying Wang
Animation by Ying Wang

Character Modelling by Ying Wang

Rigging by Ying Wang
Background Modelling by Ying Wang, Makeionesco, Benallal 
Texture by Ying Wang
Lighting & Rendering by Ying Wang
Post Production by Ying Wang
Sound by Ying Wang

Voice Actor

Elliot by Stee Lawlor 

Mia by Sarah Taylor

Female Scientist by Beth Mayoh

Male Scientist by David Browervo 

Special Thanks
Steve Roberts, Clare Murphy, Shaun Clark, Kevin Rowe,

Pete Bishop, Barbara Pratnicka, Tom Lowe

Process Reflective Blog

Click image to see Rusted Soul's process through out these 6 month, including story, concept, process, development, experiment, research and reflective.

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