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It’s a glorious day and we see an island in the middle of a beautiful blue sea.


A pirate ship sales into view and off jumps a young pirate captain, looking for treasure!  

He comes upon a chicken sitting on a treasure chest.


He aims his gun at the chicken, but as he is about to fire, he hears a beautiful singing voice.

He follow the sound of this singing and finds a gorgeous woman.


She sees him and stop singing, looking frightened.


He throws away his gun, to show he means her no harm, but she is still afraid.

He has an idea, he offers her some of his treasure, but she rejects it.


He points to his ship and offer it to her, but she just stairs at his pirate badge.

He sees this and throws away the badge.

She look relieved and smile at him.


And for this young pirate.


He was ready to give up everything from the moment he saw her

Three flowers, is Mabel’s best friend / her backup singer 


Treasure keeper, this chicken believe those treasure chest is her eggs,  she stand on top all day, and all night. Lately she began to wonder, how long it going to take for her babies to finally come out.

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